Settings and User Managment



KPI provides different options to optimize the tenant environment while obtaining insights. Also in this section, various information about the organization and the license are shown.

If you want to create a new tenant, check out: Getting Started with KPI

To access your Settings, simply click on “Settings” located in the navigation bar.

Organization Info

This section displays tenant information, including the Organization's Name, Default Domain, AAID, and the tenant deletion option. It also presents a list of users within the organization with options to enable or disable user access.

Delete Tenant Explanation

Deleting your tenant will result in a permanent loss of all data associated with your tenant in the KPI environment.

Choosing to delete the tenant results in:

  • Deletion of the organization/tenant

  • Deletion of all registered users within the tenant

  • Deletion of all System Jobs within the organization

  • Deletion of all organization connections. For “Connection” details, see here: Integrations

License Info

This section provides all details regarding your KPI License. Check out all available license KPI types here: Licensing.

License Info includes:

  • Trial Type: The trial category for the organization.

  • Valid From: License starting date

  • Valid To: License expiration date

  • Partner Name: Designated partner manager's name.

  • Partner Email: Contact email of the partner manager.

  • Number of components: Total component count in the system.

  • Storage size: DevOps cache size.

  • Analytical Index size: Cache size containing code from the chosen project.

  • Total Storage: Total storage capacity. See more here: Licensing

  • Consumed time: The time KPI was used (more: information's: System Jobs) and the total amount of time KPI is usable for your tenant in this month (more informations: Licensing

Organization Settings

The Organization Settings facilitate tenant modifications:

Add users to existing tenant

To add a new user to an existing tenant:

  1. Go to Organization Settings.

  2. Ensure the 'Enable new users' checkbox is selected.

  3. Click the 'Save' button to apply the settings.

  4. Once done, add a new user to your tenant.

See details here: Getting Started with KPI

Dataverse System Admins

User with the System Administrator role assigned.

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