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Best-practice Check

Best practice Check | Issue Types

KPI reports violated behaviors within your systems that go against Microsoft's or industry best practices. It covers wide range of areas like coding, deployment, customizations, configurations, and more.

  • KPI provides a list of potential issues, rated from low to high risks.

  • Choose a component by system and type, then use the source link for checks or take actions.

  • Click the "Help" icon for Microsoft guidelines or recommended best practices

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Click on the Best-Practice Icon in the navigation bar. Then, open the desired section to view a list of components. For this example, the focus is on the issue in “AccountPlugin.CreatePreOperations”

Step 2: The "Title" section will list down potential issues. Click on it to expand more details. In this example, the potential issue is "Plugin is not Registered".

Step 3: For Further Investigation:

  • Click on the line in the list to get details about the best-practice violation.

  • Click the "<>" icon to view the source code or component details.

  • Use the Help icon to access Microsoft documentation or industry best practices.

In this example below, there's unused code in CreatePreOperation(IServiceProvider)

Issue Types

This features supports various component types like Business Rules, Modern Flows, Workflows, Plugins, and Code Activities

See: Supported Systems and Components

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