Getting Started with KPI

Initial Setup

In order to start with KPI, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to Kupp Process Insights

Step 2: Log in with your Microsoft Account (SSO via Azure Active Directory)

An Enterprise Application will be registered within your AAD. Depending on your settings, it might be needed to have a global administrator role.

Step 3: After logging in, user will land on KPI homepage. A popup will prompt to configure the Integrations. Click “Yes” to enable component and code analytics.

Step 4: KPI requires integrations with Azure, Dataverse (Power Platform), and Azure DevOps for comprehensive analysis. Learn more at Integrations about available authorization options and data compliance.

More details on how to configure the connections:

Once configured, the caches buildup process can be started.

It is recommended to first update the Azure DevOps sources to utilize the most recent code base.

Step 5: Post system scan, users can utilize many features such process visualization, best-practice checks, documentation generator and many more.

For detailed steps on using key features, check out the links below:

Process and Logic Visualization

Best-practice Check

Documentation Generator

Step 6: Use the insights to make well-informed decisions or distribute knowledge efficiently.


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