System Jobs


What are System Jobs

System Jobs are background tasks within the KPI environment. They contain various types, including:

System Jobs fields

  • Started On: The timestamp indicates when the system job starts.

  • Completed On: Indicates if and when the system job completes successfully.

  • Duration: Required time needed for completion, essential for measuring and monitoring usage time of user’s organization (See: Licensing | Duration of KPI Usage )

  • Status: The current state of System Jobs, can be: Completed, Failed or In-Progress

  • Status Message: Additional status information.

  • Errors: Any errors or issues encountered during the system job execution.

  • Details: For in-depth details, such as logging information about the system job, click the "i" icon corresponding to the specific system job.

Schedule Cache Update Jobs

Configure a scheduler to cache system jobs for Azure, DevOps, and Dataverse, enhancing efficient management and monitoring on these 3 platforms.


  • Items Displayed: Count of visible items on System Jobs site

  • Longest Durations: Duration of the longest System jobs

  • Average Duration: Average time for all of System Jobs to complete


Using "RefreshSourcesDevOps" allows users to detect failures in the cache refresh process, helping them to pinpoint and address the connectivity issue easier.

When filtering term 'failed', all unsuccessful System Jobs will be displayed.

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