KPI currently offers 4 licensing options:

  • Essential

  • Enterprise

  • Enterprise Partner

  • Enterprise Plus



Enterprise Partner

Enterprise Plus (On-premise)


  • Basic SLA

  • Basic SLA included

  • 1 dedicated partner manager

Additional Features

  • Default quality report

  • HTTP

  • Dataverse events

  • Consulting service available

  • Increased hardware resources

  • Monthly custom report created by our experts

  • Support for 3rd party libraries

  • Custom parameter for secret values (e.g. Key Vault)

  • Increased hardware resources

  • Additional API's (SQL, Service Bus etc. )


Total Storage



Monthly Usage*

30 Dataverse Scans

30 Azure scans

< 500.000 LOC + no-code components

*LOC = Lines of Code

30 Dataverse scans

30 Azure scans

> 500.000 LOC + no-code components

*LOC = Lines of Code

Fair use policy: 1mio LOC







Price p.a

480€/month * 12 = 5.760 € p.a.

 Additional scans can be purchased once limit is reach

1.650 €/month * 12 = 19.800 € p.a.

Additional scans can be purchased once limit is reach

Licensing Details


  • Basic SLA: Includes a ticketing system for error reporting. Kupp’s support team ensures prompt and accurate assistance. Support | Raise Tickets

  • Dedicated partner manager: Available with Enterprise, Enterprise Partner and Enterprise Plus licenses. The partner manager will serve as a direct communication channel, ensuring efficient interactions and services.

  • Advanced support with custom SLA: A customized agreement tailored specifically to client’s unique needs, ensuring you receive the highest level of assistance and expertise your business requires.

Additional Features

  • Consulting service available: In addition to the product package, our consulting service includes implementation support, training, and best-practices consultancy, all tailored to your business needs.

  • Increase hardware resources: Definition via custom SLA.

Monthly Usage

Monthly usage varies according to the selected license package, detailed as follows:

  • License Resources: Once a license is assigned, each license limit is based on scans, lines of code (LOC), and no-code components.

  • Scans: Calculated per update of Azure or Dataverse scans, or upon cache refresh.

  • Lines of Code: Each license package has a different limit on the number of lines of code that can be scanned.

  • No-code Components: KPI covers a number of no-code components in Azure and Dataverse, with the quantity of these components varying by package

Example - Enterprise License

Under the Enterprise License, users can update various types of caches up to 30 times monthly. Once this limit is reached, updating components and “Best-practice Check” feature will no longer be possible. However, users still can continue using these two features: Process and Logic Visualization or Documentation Generator.

Note: Once 30 Dataverse scans are used up, although further Dataverse scans are restricted, Azure scans may continue up to their time limit.


[Environment definition]

For Enterprise Partner package is offered for consulting partners who use KPI for multiple projects. This requires a minimum number of 2 environments and can go up to unlimited.

This example above highlights the concept of monthly usage time. Read here to gain a deeper understanding of System Jobs

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