Environments (D365 Connections)

Applies to KDTooling Deployment Manager 1.2


Supported Deployments

  • Dynamics Online 8.2 or above

    • Integrated Security via ADFS

    • Username and password

    • Custom connection string

    • Azure Service Principles (Client Secrets & AppId)

  • Dynamics CRM OnPremise 8.2 or above

    • Integrated security (Kerberos or NTLM)

    • IFD Deployments (integrated or Username/password)

    • Username and password

    • Custom connection string

Create / Edit

Connection dialog


Application User

Registers the KDTooling Deployment Manager as an App registration in your Azure Tenant and creates an Application with SystemAdministrator permission in Dynamics 365.

Please note the retrieved client secret. It cannot be retrieved again!

Azure App Registration

Application User in D365

Power Automate Flows

KDTooling Deployment Manager fully supports users with different ways to ensure connections are correctly set up through different environments:

To retrieve a connection url go to make.powerapps.com. Select a connection and copy the link.

Test & Monitor

You test your connection and check installed solutions and ongoing import jobs.


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